Pre-Conference Workshop: Hands-on Hacking

Date: Thursday, 18.02.2021

Language: German

Speaker: Prof. (FH) Dr. Klaus Gebeshuber

Together we will work on the following topics:

  • Hacker´s aims and motivation
  • Elementary steps of a cyber attack
  • Attacking methods of hackers
  • Kali Linux – Concept of Linux Distribution
  • Information Gathering – Concept Google Hacking Database, Shodan, Maltego
  • Security mechanism against hacker attacks
  • Hands-On – Basic tools: wget, nmap, netcat, nikto, dirb, sqlmap
  • Hands-On – Software Exploitation:
    – Metasploit Framework, public exploit sources: e.g.. Exploit-Database
    – Attacking a Windows PC by utilisation of known application weaknesses
  • Hands-On – WEB-Hacking:
    – Attacking a WEB-Server under Linux
    – Directory Traversal, SQL-Injection, Local File Inclusion, Remote File Inclusion, Privilege Escalation

Prerequisite for participation:

  • Prior knowledge:
    Basic knowledge in IT, network and Linux
  • Hardware requirements:
    – WIFI or network connection via wires
    – Installed SSH-Client (z.B PuTTY)
    – WEB Browser
    – Administration rights to change the WIFI- / Network settings
  • Optional: (Attendees may work on their local KALI-Linux installation or via SSH on a common instance)
    – KALI-Linux (VMWare-Image)
    – VMware Player
    – Network interface, Bridged Mode configured

Participation Fee:
You can attend the workshop against a surcharge of 375,- EUR (+VAT) added to your conference participation fee. Participation, snacks and beverages are included.

Please note that the workshop language is German!