Sigurd Schuster

Nokia Solutions and Networks GmbH
Senior Representative Ecosystem Relations



MBA from Technical University Munich, Munich / Germany
Engineer in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Technical University Munich, Munich / Germany

  • Senior Representative Ecosystem Relations, Nokia Germany, since December 2017. Board member in Muenchner Kreis and in VDE ITG
  • Head of Technology Strategy and Operations in Nokia Siemens Networks’ / Nokia Networks’ research, standards, and IPR unit, January 2010
  • Head of Technology in Nokia Siemens Networks’ global sales team for one of the largest global network operators, April 2007
  • Head of Strategy Development / Head of Strategic Portfolio Management in Siemens I&C Networks Group / Siemens Communications Group, July 2003
  • Various leadership roles in Siemens Mobile Networks business in Germany and abroad

“5G for the industry – how to make most of the opportunities”

5G is being talked about widely, it is said to offer new functionalities which enable a completely new set use cases, namely for the industry.
This presentation

  • explains what 5G is (technology, key components, capabilities)
  • Eshows some example use cases of 5G (e.g. industry, automotive, logistics)
  • explores how to get access to 5G services (CSP offerings, private networks)

and thus gives an overview how to exploit the transformative opportunities 5G offers.