Dr. Ragnar Schierholz

Head of Cyber Security, Industrial Automation



As the Head of Cyber Security for Industrial Automation, Ragnar Schierholz is responsible for all cyber security aspects in products, projects and services of ABB’s Industrial Automation business. In this role he is a member of the global Cyber Security Team at ABB. Dr. Schierholz is a recognized member of the international industrial control system security community and active in various standardization bodies on cyber security for industrial control systems.

“Asset Discovery & Inventory and Network Anomaly Detection – practical benefits and pitfalls in implementations”

A hotly debated topic in ICS cyber security is the network anomaly detection and automated asset discovery & inventory. Several solutions have been introduced often leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. In this presentation we give an overview based on our experience what the practical benefits of these solutions are and where we found pitfalls in their implementation in the field.