Jan Munkejord

Equinor ASA
Specialist Aut. Cybersecurity

Jan is actually a hard core automation guy. He has experience from the industry, engineering companies and the last 15 years within the energy company called Equinor (former Statoil). Introducing a cybersecurity framework for the Industrial Automation and Control Systems, and the balance of IT/OT has been the main focus for some years.

“The Balance between Cybersecurity Standards and the Real World: Our Journey to Understand and Balance the IEC62443/NIST CSF Framework for our Oil and Gas Business”

How to understand and apply the important cybersecurity standards for Industrial Automation and Control Systems, for our oil and gas business? Our eager on integrating everything seems to be turning up-side down and how to utilize people, process and technology to achieve the correct Protection Level, is an important journey.