Dharminder Debisarun

Palo Alto
Smart Industries Cybersecurity Executive



Dharminder, has extensive expertise in (industrial) loT, manufacturing and energy security — including utilities, Oil & Gas, connected car and airlines. He is member of ENISA’s (The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) expert group for Industry 4.0. As the subject matter expert, he has technical expertise and direct exposure to these topics, as a leader in Palo Alto Networks. He is based in Amsterdam and works closely With customers and partners globally for understanding their pain points and needs. With over 20 years of IT/OT experience he is bridging the gap between IT/OT and the business needs. Dharminder also speaks extensively on ICS/SCADA security across Europe and beyond. Previous joining Palo Alto Networks Dharminder was leading IT-operations and implemented four software-defined data centres, which provided him first-hand experience With the fact that security automation is moving beyond prevention and detection technologies: cyberattacks are inevitable we must learn how to recognize the often-subtle signs of an attack as well as respond effectively and swiftly to limit the damage that security breaches could do to the businesses.