Prof. Dr. iur. Dennis-Kenji Kipker

Prof. Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker is one of the leading minds in cybersecurity in Germany and works as a Professor of IT Security Law at Bremen University of Applied Sciences and is a Visiting Professor at the private Riga Graduate School of Law in Latvia, established by the Soros Foundation. Here he researches topics at the intersection of law and technology in cybersecurity, data protection, and digital resilience in the context of global crises, with a research focus particularly on Chinese IT law. He also serves as Legal Advisor to the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies VDE, CERT@VDE and works in the policy area as a member of the board of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID) in Berlin on the benchmarks of future IT regulation in Germany and the EU. As managing director of the private consulting firm „Certavo“ in Bremen, he is also committed to the development and implementation of pragmatic solutions for digital compliance and IT strategy planning for companies. In this capacity, he regularly takes on consulting and expert opinion assignments for various German and European institutions, such as the German Federal Government and the European Commission. Kipker is the founder and editor of the journal „International Cybersecurity Law Review“ at Springer, as well as co-editor of the journals „Multimedia Law“ and „Digital Law“, in addition to the legal commentary „Information Security Law“ and the legal handbook Cybersecurity published by C.H. Beck in Munich. As a publicist and author, he regularly writes guest articles for various German and international media on the topics of security, digital resilience, geopolitical IT strategy and digital civil rights, and once a month he writes the „Data Column“ for the Bremen/Germany daily newspaper „Weser-Kurier“ and the IT column „Perspectives“ in the Berlin daily newspaper „Tagesspiegel“. Since 2022, Kipker is heading the „Digitalization“ presidium working group of the German Informatics Society. In 2023, Dennis Kipker received several expert positions at prestigious international companies, such as NordVPN (Advisor), Grant Thornton (Senior Manager) and reuschlaw (Of Counsel).