Bert De Wilde

ExxonMobil_Bert De WildeExxonMobil

EMEA Process Control Discipline Technology Lead

Bert has over 20 years work experience in the process industry. Graduated as Master in Electronics Engineering (Ghent, Belgium) he had ample of regional and global engineering positions (manufacturing support, maintenance, central engineering, mega growth projects) within the domains of automation and process control. He has always taken a global interest point of view and worked in multicultural environments (Asia, Middle East, Europe, Americas). In 2010 he was lead Instrument Engineer during the construction of a large complex in Singapore, in 2014 he had the role as Instrumentation Discipline Technology Lead for the Americas Region, in 2015 lead design engineer for a large automation project in Saudi Arabia and currently he has taken the role as Process Control (Instrumentation, Applications, Systems, Process Analytics) Discipline Technology Lead for the EMEA region where a lot of focus is being given to Cybersecurity, operations excellence and innovation. In addition to the Process Control Role, Bert is EMEA Manufacturing Site CyberSecurity Advisor and Single Point of Contact for the Open System Architecture in the EMEA region.