John Asher

Indegy Business Development

John Asher has held executive business development and senior sales management positions in High-Tech companies for over 25 years. He has experience in execution of various M&A activities working for both public and private companies. An innovator, John has transformed business strategies, built and developed sales organizations and has domain expertise in many verticals including Industrial Automation, Telecoms, Data-Center, Cyber Security, Financial Services, Networking and Cloud Computing.

„A Case Study: Validating and Protecting Manufacturing Processes“

When it comes to manufacturing assembly lines and flow processes, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) must function exactly as intended. Any unauthorized change to the manufacturing process, whether a malicious act or human error, can result in contaminated or damaged products, months of re-validations to resume production and heavy financial losses. Yet very little has been done so far to protect these critical systems. In this session we will examine the challenges a global manufacturer was facing and review how these unique challenges drove the selection and implementation of an industrial cyber security solution. We will also discuss best practices for ensuring the operational safety and reliability of manufacturing processes.